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Ratings Driven Solutions!
Get Noticed With Amazing Imaging And Branding

About HMS:
Hit Music Service is a broadcaster’s secret weapon, offering all the qualities of a top rated station at your fingertips!  From custom programmed music formats to exclusive access to the abilities of award winning producers, voice talent, on-air talent, marketing strategists and forward thinking consultants. The best of the best are under the HMS umbrella. 

HMS Services Are Designed To:Provide the highest quality programming in blocks or 24/7 
Add the frosting to your already established programming genius with custom production and imaging elements.  
Ignites the fire of success for your digital marketing and sales platform. 
Increase listenership with localized programming and content
Be at your side day and night to keep your systems running problem free.

HMS Gives You:
The time to focus on what you do best, by taking the reins on station functions that provide the most challenge.
The ability to reduce overhead while increasing quality.
The opportunity to increase revenue without sacrificing listenership.
Access to the brightest talent in the industry who know how to win!

HMS provides professional installation of radio studio and music studio equipment and cabling to get your studio sounding amazing. We also provide radio imaging and radio commercial production services that stand out and make you sound amazing.

We have a great roster of amazing voice over artists and radio production engineers ready to create your radio imaging or professional commercial.

HMS Offers Many Cost Reducing and Revenue Generating Services

Stellar Music Programming, Imaging Production, Professional Voice Overs and More!

Music Programming

Localized And Specific
Localized programming with major market talent and flexibility to fit your brand.

Imaging Production

Amazing Radio Imaging And Branding
We do imaging right. We make you stand out. Whether you’re looking for someone to collaborate with your current Imaging Director or need someone to completely brand your radio station you now have the flexibility to have an amazing sounding station regardless of your budget.

Professional Voice Over talent

Top voice-over artists
top voice-over artists to provide any sound you need, from the professional sports caster, to the perfect sounding local pizza delivery guy or girl next door we have a voice over talent that can handle all your voice over needs.

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HMS: Hit Music Service

From installation of your studio equipment ,to boosting your radio signal, to fine tuning your radio signal, to designing great sounding imaging and honing in on your own personal radio branding The professionals at HMS are ready to make you look and sound your very best!

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At Hit Music Service We Look forward to helping you with all your broadcasting needs.
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